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  • Height:
    5 ft. 10 in.
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  • Education:
    Bachelors Degree
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  • Has Kids:
    Yes, over 18


I am a tall lively arty woolcrafty brainy lady, who likes to be gently brought down to earth laughing
I am following my happy feelings towards the life I want as I know my mind and body work best teamed up with my heart

I enjoy hospitality, homemaking, gardening, singing, swimming, dancing, cycling, walking, spinning/weaving/textiles with other women, painting, reading, outdoor museums, traditional skills, ....
Lately I tried ice skating and want to get better at this ! it was fun
I am getting back into folk dance

I like colour and movement and music and people.
I like cats dogs, sheep, goats and horses, but don't have any.

I like to live where I can access: work, my interests and fairly flat outdoor trails, or a beach, for daily exercise.
I like to live a simple healthy lifestyle - elusive! I have lived in several islands

My current small town is friendly, but work is scarce, traffic is busy and the the area is very hilly.
I am committed to a flat here till Nov 2020, and I just founded a new community group

I like to snuggle in front of a movie, but want outings before innings!
Sometimes I like to be alone for a few hours, to charge my batteries.

What I am looking for

I'm looking for a mature man ie.

His version of manly behaviour is kind, and self responsible.

He believes in himself, and that he is worthy of love

He deals with emotion in healthy ways

He knows that safety and desire and fun are an irresistable combo.

He is capable of loyalty and cohabitation, in the foreseeable future.

He takes his place among the men

I prefer tall because I am

He is probably in the UK or Scandinavia.

I will learn his language no probs, if he speaks my love language!

I reply to all messages that have my name n them.

very best wishes to you all. x