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    5 ft. 11 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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I like to run and ride shopping carts. If you also like to play then this might work out. :)

Honesty, openness, communication are all top of my list.

I love to sing! I sing all the time (and I'm not too shabby...).

Pop culture is really important to me and always has been. I hope you're into movies, TV, and other pop culture stuff too. I love stories. Be a pop culture junkie with me? :)

Comedy, humor, and being funny are important to me too! I've been told I'm funny and I like making people laugh. Is the same true of you? Can you make me pee my pants with laughter? I'll return the favor, don't worry. Pee pants for all!

I've never smoked/drank/done drugs and never will. I know that's odd these days but the idea of not being in control of myself weirds me out. I also avoid Professor X for the same reason.

Vegetarian and into animal rights. No meat since 2002. For ethical reasons, though it's healthy too! Are you veg/vegan? That would be awesome, but not a dealbreaker if not. No hunters/fishers though, thank you.

I'm very left wing. I also prefer left wings on planes. Are you progressive too?

I'm a hopeless (hopeful?) romantic.

I'm pretty close with my family and always have been. I understand we can't choose that though, I've been lucky.

My twitter is /bredwh. Some say it's a real knee-slapper. Like an old man's ballbag.

I overcame OCD and Social Anxiety Disorder in the past. I am working on general anxiety in therapy, with good results. Hopefully you respect mental health.

I have Liberal Arts, Mass Communications, and Theatre degrees. I want to act, direct, write, sing, do comedy, and more!
Are you also creative? Have a big imagination? Do you like art?

I really want to travel! I went to Ireland and the UK a few years back and it was awesome! London was great but Edinburgh was even nicer.
Do you want to travel too? Let's get in adventures on this big blue ball. :D

I love the ocean and want to fight the waves again soon.

I started working out with my brother a few years ago and I'm the fittest I've ever been! We won a strength challenge at our gym within a few months, beating 16 teams! Do you work out? I never really did before this but I'm way glad I started.

I've been going to a weekly tabletop gaming night (board games for adults) the last few years and started doing a biweekly sea-based D

What I am looking for

Some deal-breakers and would-be-nices.

For a certain person with a certain quality I know we just won't click and this saves us both time and heartbreak. :|

If you:
-are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., Conservative, non-feminist, love guns, super traditional.
-are unkind, dishonest, closed-off, judgmental, non-communicative, don’t respect mental health, arrogant, always need to be right.
-don’t care about animals, hurt animals, hunt/fish.
-drink a lot/smoke weed excessively (some is ok), smoke tobacco/do other drugs.
-are not funny, don’t banter, don’t like even a little dirty/potty humor, don’t like being silly, take self too seriously.
-don’t know anything about pop culture or don’t like it, hate discussing movies/TV, have never really watched many movies or TV, and/or don’t like Harry Potter :O .
-are non-romantic, non-monogamous, not loyal.
-aren't creative, don’t appreciate art, don’t like nature, don’t want to travel.
-live too far away or wouldn’t be willing to move. My family is here and I'm not sure I could move super far from here. We'll see though.
-dislike kids, believe in spanking/shouting at kids.
(also if you have kids I’m sorry but I feel our experiences are too different. But if you don’t have any of these other dealbreakers maybe I could change my mind. :) )

Here are some things that would be great to have but not dealbreakers if not:
-love Seinfeld, video games, board games, female singer-songwriters, pop punk/emo bands, reading fantasy, singing.
-not a die-hard sports fan.
-wanted Bernie, are Agnostic, vegetarian/vegan, don’t drink/drugs/smoke at all.